Mionix Hub Setup 0.14

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Create Date2016年11月30日

Mionix Hub 0.14

Version 0.14
Added first version of macros. (Requires firmware 0.11 or higher)
Added key commands. (Requires firmware 0.11 or higher)
Improved heart rate algorithm.
Added new languages: Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Russian.

Version 0.13
New heart rate algorithm that picks up the pulse faster.
Added a new API, "bioRaw", for coders that want to build their own heart rate algorithm.

Version: 0.12
Fixed an issue where some Windows 7 systems had trouble installing the drivers. This problem made it impossible to connect to the mouse from Hub.
Improved behaviour of the colour slider where it previously could appear a bit jerky.
Some application names within the Sessions data were truncated. This is now solved.

Version: 0.11
Fixing visual and copy issues.